Be prepared these are very exciting hunts. A new experience around every corner. Our guides enjoy helping our guest hunt their animal as much as they do pulling the trigger themselves. Of course, we can't guarantee success on any hunts for big game, but we can promise our best effort and a quality hunt that features such traits as outgoing, hard working and capable guides, excellent meals and comfortable lodging. Our reputation is most important to us, and we strive very hard to maintain it. It is very important for you to tell us what you expect out of your wilderness experience, so we can guide you towards the hunt that offers the best opportunity to achieve your goals. The time you will actually arrive in camp is determined by two factors: time of year and which of our camps you are designated to arrive at. The first day is spent getting into camp and settling into your canvas cabin for the week. Each morning you'll awake to hot coffee and a hearty breakfast. After breakfast (usually before first light), you and your guide will mount up and ride out to the area you will be hunting that day. From there, you will hunt by foot. We provide a sack lunch for the day with treats and a drink. After a long day of hunting, you will return to camp around or after dark to a piping hot delicious western style dinner.

The U.S. Forest Service reserves all four of the camps sites specifically for Wind River Outfitters. Although this does not give us exclusive rights to the land we do have exclusive rights to the area for commercial outfitting.


Hunts are 7 days one day in,one day out and 5 days of hunting. It is an any weapon season. Two hunters per guide (1 on 1 hunts are available). The season starts during the elk rut (mid Sept.)  and finishes during the elk migration and the deer rut. (Mid Nov.)

We limit our deluxe-guided hunts to four hunters per camp unless your group has more than 4 hunters in it. In October hunts #4 and #5 there can be up to eight guests in camp. At this time Units 14 and 19 are both open. Which gives use two separate areas to hunt. If you have more than four in your group we can accommodate you. Our camps are located in the Nez Perce National Forest, Gospel Hump Wilderness. All three of our camps are private and reserved for Wind River Outfitters, this does not give us exclusive right to the land. You may on occasion see another hunter. Wind River Outfitters has the exclusive rights to the area for commercial outfitting.

This is not a draw or a point system.

If you book with us we have guaranteed tags for your hunt.

SHOT OPPORTUNITY; is at a legal bull 200 yards or less.

 We have owned the business for 15 years and  ran 75% shot opportunity on an average.




I've had the desire to participate in an Idaho elk hunting adventure ever since I had the most succulent elk roast dinner at the home of a friend. It was prepared using garlic slivers, onions and herbs and slow roasted for hours to reach a desired level of tenderness. After dinner that evenings, I had more daydreams than usual about booking a trip with Idaho elk hunting outfitters. Most wild game contains much less fat than meat from animals that have been raised in commercial feedlots. Like most game, elk has to be prepared carefully so that the meat isn't too tough. Slow roasting with a pan of water placed on the bottom rack of the oven to provide humidity is a good way to ensure that the meat doesn't get too dried out. Some home cooks use a crock-pot to cook elk roasts in. I finally achieved my dream of going on an Idaho elk hunting trip last fall. Because I am a fairly good shot, I was able to quickly get a large male elk. As my guides were carrying my prey out of the woods, I was fantasizing about the tasty culinary concoctions I would create for family and friends in upcoming months using elk meat. We had an elk roast for Thanksgiving dinner instead of the traditional turkey or ham, and everyone was impressed. I've already booked my trip for next year with the Idaho elk hunting outfitters that I used last fall. I plan on eating elk meat regularly for the rest of my life.